Life lessons I’ve learned until now, when I’m turning 30

1. True friendships are just a test of time. I realized that the people I had a real chemistry with are still by my side. Some of them are not anymore, which is really a shame. But I value a lot the people who still make time to have a coffee on a Sunday morning with an “old” friend 🙂

2. I am very much like my parents. The more time passes, the more I realize I am exactly like them, in every single way. (No need to say, I’m truly happy for that). But if you told me that when I was around 15, I would have said you were drunk.

3. I was blessed to have a brother. When I was a child, my brother and I would fight over everything and everyone and now I just couldn’t imagine my life without my brother (we were lucky not to be disfigured by eachother).

4. The things I was passionate about in my childhood (in my case, writing and drawing and foreign languages) are actually my life time passions. Even if I tired so hard to hide my true nature, they eventually found me back and now I am addicted to them (better than opiates 😉 ).

5. True love exists, but of course, it has nothing to do with the one in movies (I am speaking about romantic love – between two partners). True, romantic love is not groundbreaking passion, listening to the same music and going on crazy adventures every weekend. It’s more like a mixture of having eachother’s backs, enjoying eachother’s company even after so much time, leaving room for flaws and focusing on the bright side. True, romantic love, means neverending support and it makes you want to change yourself for the better, to become a better version of yourself, so that your partner can rely on you. This true love also changes often. From happiness to anxiety, from so much comfort to wanting to smash each other’s heads with hammers, it’s always there, changing, adapting, uprising, downfalling, but it’s always, always there.


6. Some things are just boring and useless. They say you can learn something new from anything and everyone, but the truth is, in my case, some experiences are just pointless. some conversations lead to nowhere and some people are definitely not my cup of tea.

7. Some of the best memories I have until are the ones about traveling. So at least I got that one right. Never miss the chance to see a new culture, a new city, a new piece of land. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a weekend in a country you’ve never been to. That’s why my daily menu in Paris was Pringles 😉

8. It’s really hard to say “I regret nothing” because the truth is, I always regret a couple of things. And that is not a bad feeling, it’s a normal, human emotion which helps you remember to always think twice about doing something, or it tells you to watch your wellbeing. For example, I would have wanted to not worry so much, to not be so unhappy at certain times and to be more active than I really was.

9. At some point, the big transition will come. From being a party lover, a rock music enthusiast, a hopeless romantic, and a silly experience collector, I am transitioning to a mature person, who needs a stable job and has to pay her apartment’s bills, stop spending recklessly and actually take care of the house. From going out almost every evening to thinking how to spend the time left after work and in the weekend, the transition can be very difficult, especially if you occasionally look back on the times when you had zero worries and not a single dish to wash. But the transition must be completed.

10. This is the one which hit me the hardest. There is no such thing as everything will be good in the end, life doesn’t give you what you deserve, life will not offer you your very own happy end, even if you did everything right – it just gives you what it gives you. It’s chaotic, beautiful, scary, messy, unfair sometimes, very fair some other times, surprising, challenging and doesn’t always respond the same way we treat it. I thought, if I would follow a set of rules, everything will be all right in the end. But it’s not true. We always have to fight, we always have to find new ways to adapt. I am still working on this one – lists are very, very useful and I am eternally grateful to our ancestors who invented lists 😉

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5 thoughts on “Life lessons I’ve learned until now, when I’m turning 30

  1. Very inspiring! I turned 64 on March 27th and I don’t know if I could add much to your list — except maybe, “Thank God life didn’t give me everything I deserved! Because I haven’t been a very nice or good person at times.
    Oh, yes, I’ve learned that temptations can lead you away from the safe path, then leave you stranded in some unhappy place, picking up the pieces. Then it will mock you ever after with. “Hey! Remember when you…”

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